Hozelock Hose Accessories


Hoselock is Britain's leading gardening suppliers. We stock a full range of Hozelock hoses, hose fittings and sprayers.


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Hozelock AquaStop Connector 
Hozelock AquaStop Connector Part No.2185
Aqua Stop Connector (12.5mm & 15mm)
  (2185) More...  
Hozelock Hose End Connector 
Hozelock Hose End Connector Part No.2166
Hose End Connector (12.5mm & 15mm)
  (2166) More...  
Hozelock Flat Hose & Spiral Hose Adaptor 
Hozelock Flat Hose & Spiral Hose Adaptor Part No.2170
Flat and spiral hose 3/4" BSP adaptor
  (2170) More...  
Hozelock 3/4" & 1/2" Outdoor Tap Connector 
Hozelock 3/4" & 1/2" Outdoor Tap Connector Part No.2175
Suitable for 95% of outdoor taps
  (2175) More...  
Hozelock Outdoor Tap Connector 
Hozelock Outdoor Tap Connector Part No.2158
1" BSP tap connector suitable for use with garden irrigation pumps or taps typically found on farms, in factories or in horticulture
  (2158) More...  
Hozelock Double Male Connector 
Hozelock Double Male Connector Part No.2291
Double-ended male connector allowing two lengths of hose equipped with female connectors to be joined
  (2291) More...  
Hozelock Jet Spray Gun 
Hozelock Jet Spray Gun Part No.2674
Jet spray hose attachment
  (2674) More...  
Hozelock Multi-Spray Gun 
Hozelock Multi-Spray Gun Part No.2676
New spraygun with 5 features
  (2676) More...  
Hozelock Dual Tap Connector 
Hozelock Dual Tap Connector Part No.2155
Allows two hoses to be connected to one tap
  (2155) More...  
Hozelock Hose Nozzle 
Hozelock Hose Nozzle Part No.2292
Adjustable from jet to fine spray with male connector fitting
  (2292) More...  
Hozelock Indoor Square Tap Connector 
Hozelock Indoor Square Tap Connector Part No.2274
Designed to fit a wide variety of square, round and mixer taps up to 43mm high by 34mm wide.
  (2274) More...  
Hozelock Round Mixer Tap Connector 
Hozelock Round Mixer Tap Connector Part No.2177
Round Tap connector (max diameter 24mm)
  (2177) More...  
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