Dylon Machine Fabric Dye - Intense Black (12) (DYMC12)

Dylon Machine Fabric Dye - Intense Black (12)

Intense Black fabric dye for use in washing machine

Black will always have an air of classic, chic sophistication. With Intense Black, your blacks will be at their best, rich, intense and profoundly dark.

How to use:

1. Put damp fabric into the drum. Remove sleeve, peel off lid and put the Dylon colour pod on top of the fabric.

2. Run full cycle (30C or 40C)

3. Run another cycle (30C or 40C) with detergent.

Suitable for cotton, linen & viscose. Mixes with synthetics will dye to lighter shades (pure synthetics will not dye).

One pack dyes 600g fabric to full shade up to 1.8kg to lighter shades.







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